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What is Crow Augury?

The practice of Crow Augury has been around for centuries. It is about predicting the future by counting the number of crows present at significant times. Sometimes the direction of their flight is significant, or the time of day at which they are seen. Complex rules have been drawn up by some augurists, while simple rhymes are used by others.

Art Naturalist

Christian Mouser is a multimedia artist whose creations are heavily influenced by naturalism. Most of his artwork is focused on, or made from, elements in nature. From carving ostrich eggs and bone, to mounting beetles and butterflies, scrimshaw, and pen and ink or colored pencil drawings of ravens and other wildlife, Chris tries to make the viewer understand the beauty of not just the subject matter, but also the materials. Examples like "Kabuto" allowed for the manipulation of something as fragile as an egg shell to become the symbol of strength, honor, and valor. But what really stands out in his pen and ink/colored pencil works, is his attention to detail, and overly obvious fondness for ravens and crows. 

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